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Incepted in 1995, we believe in ‘Shaping Glocal Learners” – combining the elements of Global attributes with Local values. We run and operate K-12 Schools, Pre-schools and provide Student Kits along with academic trainings to partners. Kalorex is a pioneer in education through its acclaimed institutions like DPS – Bopal & East (Ahmedabad), Kalorex Future Schools, Calorx Olive International School (IB Curriculum), Kalorex Preschools. Kalorex also promotes digital learning initiatives eKal Academy & Yali Edutainment products.

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Our Student Kits

Early Care

1.5 - 3 Years
Unlock joyful learning with our play-based & fun-filled solution, making experiences an exciting adventure for every child!


3 - 4 Years
Inspire early learning with our nursery education student kits, designed to engage young minds through interactive and enriching experiences.

Jr. KG

4 - 5 Years
Crafted for excellence, our Jr. KG student kits ensure holistic development, enabling children to flourish academically and beyond.

Sr. KG

5 - 6 Years
Enhance early learning with Sr. KG kits, curated to develop vital skills for formal school readiness.

Features of Kalorex Kits

Exploring, Learning, Excelling Together

Immerse your child in a world of colorful exploration with our interactive books, notebooks, and engaging worksheets. Our resources foster joyful learning, sparking curiosity and holistic growth. Join us to redefine education, nurturing a lifelong love for learning while building the skills and competencies for a promising future.

Reading skills
Writing skills
Colourful and interactive
Conceptual understanding
Fruitful learning
Parent – Child engagement
Caters to
Differentiated learning
Age specific assessment
Interdisciplinary learning

Curriculum Advantage

Designed with 29+ years of experience.

Early Childhood Foundation Stage

Compliant to NEP 2020 & NCF 2022

  • Play Based Learning 
  • Theme Based Learning
  • Concept Based Learning
  • Building Based Learning
  • Exploration Based Learning
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Fun Based Learning


Top rated!
The Kalorex Curriculum is designed keeping in mind the enhancement of student learning and experiences.
Ms. Bhavi Patel
The curriculum also focuses on building confidence and curiosity in children as it provides opportunities for student voice and input.
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Ms. Shikha Jain
Well planned worksheets for practice makes my child think beyond prescribed textbooks.
Ms. Payal Gupta
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Kalorex believes in compliance and keeps update on the latest development in the Pre-school segment. The Student-kits are aligned with NEP 2020 and NCF 2022. It has a specially customized ECFS Curriculum It also has a 5E’s learning concept. Enquire -Engage –Explore- Experiment – Experience

  • A student-kit with explorative D-I-Y products
  • In addition to student-kits there are multiple teaching-learning material packaged for different concepts which support children’s learning available on our online platform
  • Teachers Training for understanding of curriculum and student kits, lesson planning, basic hand-holding
  • Tech based programs to aid the Learning process
  • Operational assistance in setting up and running a preschool center
  • A student-kit which consists of concept books, notebooks, expressive arts book, almanac, flash-cards, inter-active-board games, story props and more……
  • Educational kits are available for Nursery, Jr KG and Sr KG
  • We also provide an Early-care kit which includes set of flash-cards and DIY products along with pictorial books for children of 1.5-3 years of age
  • Kalorex Student-kits are designed to suit children with different learning styles
  • Student-kits are NEP 2020, NCF 2022 compliant
  • Yes, it is available on
  • The content has videos on easy to understand concepts which can be used by teachers as a tool while introducing concepts, for home learning or as revision at home.
  • The content also has unique gamified assessments for children to gauge the conceptual understanding of children.
  • Student-kits can be useful for re-iteration of concepts introduced in the preschools.
  • The Kits are designed to be engaging and fun, sparking a child’s interest and curiosity. This can help instill a lifelong love for learning in them
  • The kits enable the students to strike a balance between a structured learning and free play, as both have their importance in development of child’s progress
  • Yes, teacher training is provided for teachers and counselors
  • Teachers Training for understanding of curriculum and student- kits to ease up the execution of curriculum and conducting pre-school classes. It is also, provides basic hand-holding for pre-schools.
  • It enhances skills and competencies of teachers

At Kalorex we believe in the partners in progress, so we provide multiple options for interested parties to associate with us. For more information please fill up the enquiry and concerned person shall get in touch with you and provide details

Kalorex pre-schools are offering multiple options for interested parties. Pls fill up the enquiry form to know more

  • Kalorex keeps sharing latest updates on NEP 2020 as well as NCF 2022 execution and further resolutions / annexures
  • To stay updated on the latest happenings, pls follow us on websites, social media pages etc

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